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  •   How do you get paid when a loan closes?  The loan processor fee is placed on the HUD at closing.  Basically the same as an appraiser or survey company is paid.  Fees such as verification of employment fees through the "work number for everyone", HOA fees, and payoff fees are paid directly to us by the broker.
  • Will I need to sign a contract? uses a standard "sub-contractor" agreement.  This easy to read agreement is designed to outline the procedures your loan processor will take with your files and the responsibilities of both parties.  
  •   How long have you been in business? has been in business since 1996.   Our loan processors are some of the most experienced and savvy in the processing industry.
  •   How can your company help my company to grow?  With over 20 years experience as a national loan processing company, we can assist you in many ways.  We have helped many small companies to grow and helped many large companies to move to their full profit potential.  Plain and simple, we have worked through pretty much every situation imaginable and have the experience to assist you to navigate the waters as well.
  •   What is your average closing cycle?  Closing cycles are dependent on a number of factors including how quickly the title company, appraisal company, and loan underwriters are getting to files.  We strive to close loans as quickly as humanly possible and we are normally only waiting on the above items to close your files.  The two best things you can do as a loan officer to assist with this is to submit a fully completed loan package for processing and to follow up vigorously with borrowers with any missing items.
  •   What makes you different/better than other loan processors?  There seems to be no shortage of new processing companies out there.  Whenever there is a boom in an industry there is an influx of new people trying to make a quick buck from it.  Our largest benefit is our experience - the ability to see problems before they get out of hand and to help correct issues before they interfere with the closing of the loan. 
  •   What if my company keeps growing and I need more loan processors?  If your volume is getting larger, just call us and we will add more loan processors as needed to assist you.  Downsizing?  Just give us a call and we will work with you to get the right balance of loan processors for your situation.  Now you don't have to worry about salaries, overtime, sick days, insurance, we take care of it all!
  •   How do I know your loan processing company will be around a month from now? has been in business since June of 1996.  We doubled in size four times in our first two years through referrals from happy clients.  Noting this amazing growth, a national magazine did an article on our company about our loan processors.  That article introduced our loan processing company to many new clients that helped us solidify our place in the market as a leader in this industry.  Nearly 90% of our competitors went out of business in the last mortgage crash but we are still here and stronger than ever.

    "It's unfortunate that so many companies have moved to a 'turn and burn' mentality with regards to loan processing."  These companies take a percentage of the profit of each loan submitted for loan processing and ship the loans out to someone that might not even have a good grasp of the English language.  It's important to be able to clearly understand the processor and to have a professional (child free) working workspace.
  •   I'm worried about sending my files out of state  Since 1996 we have closed thousands of loans for our out of state clients.  When you send your files to us you can rest assured that our processors have a firm handle on getting your loans closed quickly and efficiently.
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